Snap Capp... Finally! A plastic re-closable top designed to snap onto most 12 and 16 ounce aluminum beverage cans. It effectively converts the ordinary, messy can into an easily portable, re-closable, non-spilling, identifiable bottle. More benefits of Snap Capp include preventing bugs and bees from getting into your can, and keeping the fizz from getting out! Snap Capp will keep your drinks fresh for days! When your can is empty, simply Snap the Capp onto a new beverage and you're ready to go! Snap Capps are re-usable and come in an assortment of colors for personal can identity. You'll never mistake your drink for someone else's again! Perfect for using at home and office, in the car, camping, at the beach, anywhere you would not want your drink to be spilled or left un-sealed. On a can near you!

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